How it Works:
You can put holds on items 3 ways: via STARCat, call us, or email us.

Ask for specific items OR if you don’t have a specific item in mind, tell us what you like and we’ll surprise you.

For picture books, ask us about receiving a PICTURE BOOK BUNDLE. Choose a theme or tell us your little one(s) ages and likes and we’ll put together a bundle of books.

We will accept requests until 1 hour before closing. Until 5pm on Monday-Thursday, 4pm on Friday, and 3pm on Sunday.

Any requests received after will be processed the following day.

We do ask that you limit your requests to 25 items per day with 1 pick up per day.

The Process:
After you request items, we will get to work pulling items from the shelves. We will wear gloves and masks to ensure your safety.
Books will be checked out to you.
A due date slip will be printed.
We will bag the items in a paper bag and staple it closed to ensure privacy. The bag will be labeled with your last name only.

We will call you to arrange a pick up time. Your books will be waiting for you on the green outdoor table with umbrella.

Stop by and grab your bag. You can wave to us through the windows too!

What if it’s raining?
Books will be bagged and placed in the foyer. Ring the BRIGHT GREEN door bell to alert us you’re outside. We will hand you your bag wearing gloves and masks.

There will be no entry into the building at this time.

Returning Items:
Return materials to the library book drop “Media Return” near the front door. Items will remain in “quarantine” for 72 hours before being returned and available for checkout again. This means after you return items, they will still show up on your account for 72 hours until the quarantine period ends.

We are FINE FREE! So you will not receive any fines for overdue items.

Questions? Call us at 607-587-9290 or email us at