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Read one book from every country in Africa

Read one book from every country in Africa! These books will be available in the Box of Books Library for check out!

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Walking on Cowrie Shells

A collection of genre-bending short stories from Cameroon.

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How Dare the Sun Rise

Memoir of a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who settles in Rochester, NY and attends Houghton College.

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In the Company of Men

A novel of the ebola outbreak told from various perspectives such as a gravedigger, a grandmother taking in an orphaned grandchild, to doctors on the front lines. (Author from Ivory Coast).

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Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Novel of migrants trying to escape Morocco for Spain, and their reasons for fleeing.

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The Woman Next Door

Two women and bitter enemies in South Africa, one white, one Black, are forced together and learn to understand one another in new ways.