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STEM Tales is a project funded by the National Science Foundation, and is designed to engage children ages 4-8 and their families in STEM education through a digital medial series. Led by Twin Cities PBS in partnership with the Space Science Institute’s STAR Library Network, the video series, Book Drop, includes diverse STEM professionals. Book Drop videos will be complemented by hands on STEM activities. Participating families will take home a FREE activity kit that includes a copy of the book featured in the episode! Register here

The sessions are:
February 22: Fiona the Fruit Bat (at Alfred Montessori School)
March 21: Rocket Says Look Up (at Box of Books Library)
April 25: Jayden’s Impossible Garden (at Alfred Montessori School)
May 23: They’re Tearing Up Mulberry Street (at Box of Books Library)

Program for Fiona the Fruit Bat at Alfred Montessori School
Program for Rocket Says Look Up at Box of Books Library
Program for Jayden's Impossible Garden at Alfred Montessori School
Program for They're Tearing Up Mulberry Street at Box of Books Library